Three days at Prova

We are always looking to encourage the future of the industry and, this past week, we welcomed Matthew Tennant from South Bromsgrove High to spend a few days with us to experience what agency life is like.

“My time with Prova PR has been a fantastic opportunity during which I have gained invaluable experience and additional knowledge surrounding the world of work, as well as the PR and design industries. I have taken part in a multitude of captivating assignments involving the development of a fictional company and the creation of different advertising materials, as well as press launches for leading companies, gaining exposure to much of the software used to create stunning designs and a greater knowledge of the programmes that produce PR reports.

“This experience has also allowed me to establish a profound respect for the dedication and hard work that the staff put into every job to ensure that the client is happy and that the work they compose achieves the intentions of the brief. This contact with such a great environment has provided me with valuable experience which has given me more understanding of the PR industry and had a substantial influence on my future intentions. Thank you to everyone who made it an unforgettable experience.”

It was a pleasure to have Matthew with us for a few days. He got stuck in to both the written and visual side of the business, including the task of devising an identity and initial social campaign for a fictional new eco-friendly fuel ‘Glycerin’. We explored his ideas and he produced some really interesting logo concepts for the new brand alongside a social media campaign for the brand launch. Thanks, Matthew!

Are you looking for work experience in either the PR or creative sectors, feel free to get in touch