Prova’s Summer of Love campaign

Award-winning PR and digital agency, Prova, has launched a ‘Summer of Love’ campaign aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues in the workplace.

Having signed up to the employer pledge with mental health charity, Mind, Prova is carrying out a range of activities throughout the summer which will see the teams’ mental health placed firmly at the forefront of the HR agenda.

Activities carried out so far include walking meetings; a steps challenge in July and August which saw all members of the team offered subsidised Fitbits; and the promotion of ‘Fika’, a Swedish pastime which sees employees taking some time away from their desk during the working day to clear their minds, get active and increase positive productivity.

Additionally, as members of the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), the team has also enjoyed webinars on the topics of wellbeing at work; rest, recovery and the importance of sleep; and everyday mindfulness. This month, Prova will also be partnering with The Serenity Barn for Pilates and meditation in the park.

The Summer of Love campaign is being spearheaded by HR Director, Sarah Hookey, who said:

“With one-in-four people experiencing mental health problems every year, it’s becoming increasingly important to raise awareness so that people are supported through challenging times, particularly in the workplace. At Prova, we are determined to ensure that every employee’s wellbeing is taken care of, and the launch of our Summer of Love campaign is very much at the heart of this.”

Hookey continued: “My vision for Prova People, our employee engagement programme, is to improve the working lives of all our employees and bring parity to mental and physical health in the workplace. There is a growing momentum for change regarding mental health in the UK, and we very much wanted to mirror that in our working practices. Encouraging first aid for the mind that is akin to physical first aid in the workplace, treating employees empathetically and effectively guiding them towards the right support can reap dividends for both the individual and us as a

“Here at Prova, we are in the privileged position to have the support of the board in relation to mental health awareness and breaking down stigmas which is a huge boost to our efforts. We are a medium-sized agency, but we have a big heart and massive ambitions when it comes to the wellbeing and care of our employees.”

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