My experience at Prova

Our trainee Yolanda shares her thoughts on her time with us:

Having recently completed a film and TV production course at college, I found myself at a crossroads with what to do next.

I have always liked the sound of working in the PR and events management industry but, if I’m honest, I didn’t know what the job role actually entailed.

I had met Sarah from Prova once before and we had a brief chat about me doing a work placement. This sounded very exciting to me, so we then discussed it further in a very casual coffee meeting. We spoke about what I wanted to gain out of this experience and came up with a perfect schedule for me.

My first day was exciting and perhaps a bit scary, but as soon as I arrived and was introduced to the team, I felt so relaxed. Everyone was lovely and very welcoming!

As the days went past I really enjoyed my experience. I wasn’t just doing odd jobs that no one wanted, I was doing real PR work, it was great! As a result, I have learnt so many new skills, such as client research, creating social media posts, telephone etiquette, helping with recruitment for events and so much more!

Another aspect of the role I love is that I’m not always just sat at my desk typing. I get to be in charge of making sure everything is prepared for meetings, greeting people, and sometimes I go out of the office for some other jobs.

My favourite day so far has to be when Sarah and I went to Silverstone for an event; it was great fun! We spent the day meeting new people and talking about Prova. I even got my own name badge, which was really cool! The best part was being able to have a look at the very flashy cars and get chocolate from each stand!

My experience so far has honestly been great. I am learning so much about this industry and the hard work that is involved, but I’m also embracing the fun you can have while working in this environment. I am looking forward to getting to grips with even more skills and seeing where this journey will lead me to.

I would like to say thank you to the Prova team for all the lovely cups of tea and constant laughs in the office; I can honestly say there is never a boring moment! I would also like to thank Sarah especially for making sure that I always have something interesting to do and for looking after me so well!