Insight from the PRN: How COVID-19 is impacting the global PR community

In just a few weeks, COVID-19 has impacted almost every business around the globe. As the UK representative for the Public Relations Network (PRN), Prova shares first-hand stories about how the virus is impacting the industry.

South Korea

“South Korea faced a serious number of patients, but it seems to be now under control. Korea is IT savvy and has a unique system where everyone uses a credit card, even on public transport, so the government’s job of tracking our movements and stopping the spread is a lot easier.

“As a society, everything stopped or slowed down at the end of February. However, we’ve all been working at home and now manage all meetings through a virtual hang-out.”


“Our overall situation is critical, and it will face its peak within the next few days. We are in total lockdown, but our team is well and has been working at home for the past two-weeks and will be for at least the next two.

“As for our business, we are experimenting with alternative marketing solutions, like LinkedIn webinars.”


“In Austria, everything closed earlier this week – including bars and restaurants. We reacted relatively early.”


“My dear PRN friends, what a strange atmosphere in France! It is our first week of confinement, everyone is working from home for at least two weeks, but probably longer. “


“The situation in India hasn’t reached panic level, but even here the majority of us have chosen to work from home to ensure it doesn’t spread. Everyone be safe.”

Hong Kong

“Mask use rate is up 100% in Hong Kong and it’s proven to be quite useful to curb in-city spread of the virus. People are queuing overnight for masks but walk away with nothing as supply is inadequate.”

South Africa

“We have started an informal science communicators group to offer pro-bono messaging and comms support to our institutional frontline.”


“It is a blessing to hear from other PR agencies. Here, the Portuguese are staying at home voluntarily!”

In times of crisis – and few of us will ever see a bigger challenge than this – clear communication is more vital than ever. It is up to all of us, across business and wider society to make sure our message is clear and concise. Most importantly, let’s heed government advice and stay safe.