Tracy McAllan - Director of finance

The serious stuff: Finance Manager, too old to remember the qualifications, and my highlight will be retirement age as being a kept woman clearly isn’t going to happen.

A bit about me: I was once flanned by the phantom flan flinger, sorry but that will only mean something to those of a certain age. I love to bake, and drink prosecco.

Who I admire most: My wonderful crazy mom, I wish for everyone’s sake I could have what was her patience and temperament (unfortunately I don’t), and George Michael, anyone who can get caught hanging out in a public loo and come out of it with the rebirth of a career like he did is fine by me – that and I fancied the pants off him.

My favourite song: Destiny by Zero 7.

The best day of my life so far: Obviously my wedding day, for my hubby too but also the day I met George Clooney!