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Off our trolleys with Wanzl!

Posted on by Marc

Off our trolleys with Wanzl!

There are very few reasons that will get the Prova team out of bed before 5am. Motorsport events are one, environmental launches another. But, in December, it was the turn of the humble shopping trolley and a day of briefings with the BBC.

We started working with the world’s largest retail solutions provider, Wanzl, in the autumn of 2012. One of the stories we’d talked about from the outset was the plight of the humble shopping trolley. Mistreated in store, forgotten about, abandoned in parks and residential areas, shopping trolleys tend to be low down on the list of priorities for most people & rarely ever given a second thought.

But, in the run-up to Christmas, the shopping trolley becomes more and more significant. How else are you going to get your turkey and sprouts back to the car?
And, Wanzl has the answer to a little trolley TLC. Its Reviva plant up in Derbyshire takes in shopping trolleys in need of care and gives them a complete makeover before sending them out, sparkling as new, to take their proud place back in stores. 50,000 of them were sent out to meet demand in the weeks prior to Christmas.

So, on a freezing cold morning in December, the Prova team set the alarm for 4am, slid across an icy hotel car park, and arrived on site at the Wanzl trolley TLC plant to greet representatives from Wanzl, the Institute of Grocery Distribution and the BBC.

You can see the results here.

We were delighted to get coverage throughout the BBC Breakfast programme, as well as on regional TV and radio. And we look forward to the next exciting chapter in the Wanzl story over the coming months.

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