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Win with Prova - the submissions!

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Win with Prova - the submissions!

We had some fantastic entries to our caption competition in Tifosi. Some of the best are below…

“Gee this old beast takes a lot to tame!”

“Richard might have been in the middle of a high speed race, but that didn’t stop him turning around when he heard that The Stones Roses tickets were on sale!”

“Clerk of the Course, Richard “Tally Ho” Postins, waving the winning Mini over the line using a 2002 season designer flag: The Most Chequered BMW”

“Richard Postin was snapped in a compromising position by Paparazzi last week whilst taking an unhealthy Spa break. La Sources close to Mr Postins revealed he was in excellent health and was immensely excited to be wearing a new set of racing overalls at his next outing”

“Richard “Biggles” Postins, piloted his way through to win the race, but was sadly later disqualified by the FIA. After an appeal lodged by a mystery caller, close scrutiny of the rule book revealed it was not legal to take two racing lines into the same corner at the same time using the same car”

“The Prova Team are all bitterly disappointed as the winning guess for the Spot The Wheel competition is revealed”

“Dear Mr Postins. Thank you for your recent application to enter The Guinness Book of Records. Sadly your claim to have set a new world record for Stunt Driving On One Wheel in Competitive Motorsport Whilst Writing a Damn Good PR Release cannot be independently verified”

“Richard demonstrating the Prova principles of passion, purpose and results…..well, one out of three ain’t bad I suppose….. “

We’ll notify the winner in the New Year.

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