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Bribery, Christmas cards and a future career

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By Dan

Like most students and recent graduates, I’m all too aware of the importance of work experience. However, that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to walk into a company where every single member of the staff is already at the professional standard you hope to emulate one day. Therefore, when I walked in to the office, it didn’t come as a surprise that I instinctively pulled out my old party trick of freezing up and panicking as soon as anyone is nice enough to want to get to know me a bit. Despite my initial nerves, the team took me in as one of their own and made it so that I couldn’t have possibly felt uncomfortable, regardless of how hard my constant mental blocks tried to thwart my attempts at social interaction during my time there.

I have had a great interest in PR for about two years after learning that I was going down the right path to make it a realistic career choice, and then researching into it, but placements have been impossible to come by before Prova were good enough to give me a shot. What I have learned during my time here, and the work I have done, has only reaffirmed my belief that I should be seriously considering trying to break into this industry once I graduate in six months and at no point did I feel like I was in the way or just being used to do the ‘dirty work’.

As well as the practical side of my placement, I thoroughly enjoyed the moments where I just got to sit back and observe. As Prova had a pitch coming up just three days into my placement, the team did not have time to sit quietly and that was superb in my point of view because I got to see the real working environment. I got to see professionals working in a professional environment at a professional standard and that was as helpful as being given the kind of work that I would be expected to do if I did end up doing this as a career. It is always good to know what you have to do but it is equally useful to see what it takes to do what you have to do.

I’d just like to thank the Prova team for everything they helped me with and taught me during my time here. You all do an incredible job and you’ve really helped me to feel confident in my decisions going forward, I’m not the most articulate of speakers so I hope this serves as the lengthy heartfelt thank you that I won’t have the guts to go through with when I leave. You all went above and beyond to talk to me about getting into PR and what it takes to do a pitch, presentation etc. I just want to thank the whole team because they are very busy and did not have to take such a vested interest in helping me.

I wasn’t going to pick a favourite because I genuinely got on very well with everyone and everyone made me feel completely comfortable and included during my time here however, St John bribed his way to this rare honour by giving me my first Christmas card of the year which may have slightly swung the decision his way. All I can say is well played sir; that was a masterstroke.

If I have one regret it’s that I didn’t really come out of my shell in the time I was there solely because of my lack of self-confidence and, like I say, thank you to everyone at the team because they couldn’t have done anything more for me in that respect.

For anyone looking at Prova and questioning whether it’s worth a look or going for then all I can say is go for it and go into it with confidence. Even if you discover PR’s not for you then you’ll still come away with great experience, a cracking addition to your CV, a lot of new transferable skills and some really nice people to add on LinkedIn.

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