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From Penkridge to motorsport, via Warwick

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By Patrick

I imagine the thought of finding an internship is something that fills most students with dread – and it definitely fazed me. A lot of university courses require the completion of a placement, which, for people who’ve never had any true industry experience, is a pretty daunting undertaking. My journalism course at Worcester is one of them.

For a while, we’ve been having the importance of experience drilled in to our skulls by lecturers and that probably didn’t help with the pressure.

I spent a while thinking of the sorts of companies I would perhaps like to apply to, then of the chances that there would be hundreds of people applying for the same thing, and then of the possibility that those companies didn’t care much for interns anyway.

After firing off a few emails and getting a lot of replies along the lines of “we don’t do that sort of thing” and “please stop emailing me, that’s the 83rd time this week”, I wondered where I was going to find my opportunity.

Luckily, it found me when Aimee from Prova was the guest speaker in one of my lectures. She spoke about the company’s involvement with the automotive industry (which, as a massive motorsport fan, caught my ear) and how their door is always open to fresh talent looking for some working experience (which, as a student looking for a placement, caught my other ear).

A month later, I was on the way to Warwick, bemoaning early mornings and overcrowded trains, and thinking about what I was expecting from my week’s internship at Prova. And without any sort of prior experience of what PR really was on a daily basis, I didn’t know.

So, as I sit here at the end of a week in which I have been involved in future campaign discussions, had a go at writing press releases and Googled Dale Winton (don’t ask!), it’s fair to say Prova takes care of its interns. Everyone has been really welcoming and, while still treating me in the same way as a full-time member of the team, been understanding that I am still only in my first week in the industry.

But even though it has only been a week, I have learned an awful lot.

I don’t know if PR is definitely what I want to do in future but I’m really grateful that Prova has given me the opportunity to find out.

I’ll head back to Worcester with plenty to think about and a great new entry on my CV, as well as some advice for my fellow students – try a week at Prova!

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