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Seven steps to automotive exhibition heaven

Posted on by St John

Seven steps to automotive exhibition heaven

With Autosport International on the horizon (January 2013) and plenty more motorsport and automotive exhibitions over the course of the year, take a look below for some of the top things to consider when it comes to maximising your exhibition investment.

1. What are you trying to achieve? A lot of companies are too scared to cancel their attendance at an exhibition because of what their customers or their competition may think. But, if it isn’t going to meet your objectives, then why spend the money? So, go to an exhibition with a clear purpose, e.g. to gain sales, to launch a product, to gain awareness, for data capture – or don’t go at all!

2. What message are you putting out there? Not enough companies think long and hard about the message that they want to put out there. It needs to be clear, simple and strong. At an exhibition, there are going to be hundreds of ideas flying around the venue. You want yours to be defining and memorable.

3. Are you consistent? Make sure all the themes and messages are the same throughout the website, brochures and handouts. Then continue these themes through the stand design and make sure employees on the stand are fully briefed. Mismatching themes can put people off or confuse them.

4. Are you ready for data capture? There is no greater opportunity to harness data than at an exhibition. So, make sure you have a solution that is seamless, quick, easy to use and leaves a good impression. Investing in a badge scanner is a good idea, but on stand competitions work just as well.

5. Do your people know what they need to do? Your team is not just the most important thing about your company, they are your company! So, they need to be briefed on living your brand and on how to reflect the company well. Keep everyone busy and make sure they have plenty of opportunity to engage with stand visitors.

6. Have you thought through your stand design? It’s all about showcasing your company and demonstrating what your company has to offer. This can be a lot harder with intangible services. You have to think about how you will bring what you do to life within the environment of the exhibition. Additionally, you have to think about how you will create interest and make people stop in their tracks. How will you be different?

7. Do you have a process in place to follow-up? So many potential appointments, relationships or opportunities with new customers or professional contacts are lost because the essential post-exhibition work hasn’t been carried out properly or forgotten about. There are some fantastic benefits to be gained from exhibitions, so make sure you harness them and make the exhibition spend work for you.

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