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Let's get together!

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Let's get together!

Since June, Prova has had the privilege of working with the global trade association for motorsport, the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA). It is not a secret that the British motorsport industry is a global leader that is both innovative and fast-paced. The MIA is keen to ensure that motorsport’s potential is maximised in other industries such as the automotive, marine, aerospace and defence sectors and at Prova we want to ensure this message reaches those that need to hear it.

The MIA has an initiative in place for each potential industry crossover, with its motorsport to automotive campaign being the most successful to date. This year alone, the programme has allowed more than 3,000 of the country’s top automotive engineers to gain access to the MIA skill base as part of the ground-breaking project to encourage automotive businesses to utilise the engineering expertise of the motorsport industry.

Since May, events have taken place at Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Ford and have allowed MIA organisations to showcase their engineering capabilities to key decision makers and engineers from each of the leading automotive manufacturers.

Elsewhere, MIA members have also had success in collaborating with the defence industry. After just a few years of focusing in this sector, examples where the motorsport supply chain is delivering solutions to defence problems can be seen. The Foxhound patrol vehicle, for example, is a British design using UK companies for 90 per cent of its manufacture – many of which are from motorsport.

UK high performance engineering motorsport suppliers have much to offer in terms of innovative technology which they constantly develop, world class engineering capability and process improvement. These come from a race-proven, ‘can do’ attitude that can deliver real, robust and timely value, whether it be to the front line in Afghanistan or to the car that gets you from A to B on a daily basis. There is much to be learnt from the motorsport industry. Closer collaboration between different industries can only serve to benefit those involved and Prova is on board to help make this happen.

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