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Standing tall in the face of adversity

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When my last job came to an end, I was catapulted back into the job market, armed with a Master’s degree, a jam packed CV and a few tears. Trying to get a job is tough. I sent in application after application and didn’t get any response. So naturally, I took up semi-permanent residence on my sofa along with my duvet, the mandatory chocolate and Bridget Jones’ Diary. I felt completely lost in a sea of unemployed graduates, and couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. It was difficult to stay positive when my efforts were proving to be fruitless.

So, after the initial period of wallowing and bout of ‘why bother applying, I won’t get the job’, I decided to dust myself off, get organised, and get myself a spanking new job.

And it was surprisingly easier than I was expecting it to be. Staying positive is key. When you’re positive, you’re proactive, you get things done, and you put yourself out there. I’m now due to start a new job marketing one of the UK’s twenty largest shopping centres. I have also a completed internship at Prova under my belt! I’ve gained extra skills, a shiny bonus to my CV, professional contacts, and hopefully some friends too!

I’ve been interning here at Prova PR for two weeks, and I already feel like part of the family. I’ve been welcomed by everyone, and have been involved with a range of interesting tasks. It’s also a nice little filler for my CV, before I start at my new job next week! So all in all, I’ve landed on my feet. And it’s only taken six weeks!

If you’re in a similar position to me and struggling to find your perfect job (or any job come to that!), take a look at my tips below:

  • Do an internship! – Yes yes, I know you want paid work. But if you want a job in this industry, sacrificing two weeks to do an unpaid internship can open many a door. You might strike gold and find one that pays, but if you don’t, some (including Prova!) will offer to pay your expenses. Aside from gaining invaluable experience, the other benefit of completing an internship is that you never know where it might lead. A few of my friends have done internships or placements, proved themselves to be decent, passionate people who work hard, and they’ve been offered jobs at the end of it! So it’s definitely worth it! And obviously, I’d recommend Prova.
  • Be proactive – An avid list maker, a major part of my job hunt involved making a list of all the PR/Events companies in the area. I set to work sending my CV and a covering letter to just about everyone in the Midlands (I’m serious). You make your own opportunities, so go out and make some!
  • Sign up to recruitment agencies – I signed up to several agencies, and actually got my new job through one. It’s nice to have someone helping you to fight the job market battle, and they’ll even provide you with a shoulder to cry on after a bad interview.
  • Be in it to win it –You’ll never win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. And the same applies to job hunting! Don’t miss applying for a job because you think you ‘probably won’t get it anyway’. If you want it, make it happen! Apply for as many as possible, and one will eventually turn out to be YOUR job.
  • Stay positive – This is the most important one. By being positive you can achieve all of the above. Remember, what does being negative achieve? Nothing. Where as in being positive, the sky is your limit.

Good luck!

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