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Positivity breeds positivity

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By Amy

This time four weeks ago, I was dreading the prospect of finishing university and facing the big bad world of work. I wasn’t sure what I was more terrified about; the thought of not being able to find a job or the thought of finding a job! After an amazing month at Prova, I can genuinely say that my anxiety has been transformed into excitement.

I have always been encouraged to do an internship because the experience would look good on my CV. Of course this is true, but I think that what everyone failed to mention was that an internship could teach me so much about myself. The melodramatic side of me wants to claim that I have been enlightened! The more rational side of me realises that this opportunity has allowed me to re-evaluate my motivations and reassess my strengths (and weaknesses).

A little bit of context… I applied for an internship at Prova because I was feeling pretty unsure about what career I wanted to pursue. A friend of mine – who clearly knows me better than I know myself – suggested that I try PR and so my heart was set on finding a PR placement. When browsing the internet for possibilities, I stumbled across Prova and felt instantly that it was an agency I’d fit in well at.

Although I had very little PR experience, I soon realised that all that was required of me was a willingness to ‘give it a go’. During my time at Prova, I had the opportunity to have a go at everything and anything which saw me thrown in and out of my comfort zone. Although a daunting prospect, it has really helped me decide what aspects of PR I enjoy.

Working with such passionate and enthusiastic people has shown me the importance of doing something that you really enjoy. As my Dad always says, ‘you’re a long time working,’ so you might as well spend that time doing something that makes you happy.

Following the Prova mantra of ‘positivity breeds positivity’, I am now feeling incredibly positive (and genuinely excited) about getting a proper job. I would highly recommend that everyone spends time doing an internship. For those who are interested in PR or simply have a desire to learn, I would definitely recommend an internship at Prova.

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