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Posted on by St John

Social media reminds me of my sex life while at sixth-form college. Everyone (including me) was talking about it, but I knew of very few people who had actually scaled the ‘pillars of Eros’. Much is the same with the logistics industry and its relationship with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

While consumer brands have grasped the opportunity that social media offers, the B2B sector is less convinced as they’re unsure how it can help to contribute to their businesses. However, there are some early adopters within the supply chain that are already seeing the advantages it can offer.

We took the opportunity to carry out surveys at several logistics and environmental events last year to look at various companies’ use of websites and digital media in general. The results showed us that the logistics industry was still lagging behind many other sectors when it came to social media.

Out of a hundred or so respondents, a healthy number (over 80 per cent) said they regularly undertook media relations, produced customer newsletters and had a website. All good stuff. However, when asked about their use of more sophisticated tools such as social media, the response was less impressive. While only 12 per cent claimed to use their existing website actively (regularly uploading blogs and linking to social media), even fewer (7 per cent) claimed to do any form of regular social media activity.

These findings were quite revealing and show that most logistics businesses have not yet understood the benefits a social media strategy could bring to their company. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that those companies that ignore social media will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage as their rivals forge strong links with customers, suppliers and the press.

The social media train is leaving the station. If you’re not on board now, time is running out and you need to take urgent action.

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