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My week on work experience

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By Annalise Brown

When year 10 work experience was first mentioned in our careers class, I was horrified to say the least. “What do I do?” I thought because I’ve never been one with a definitive future career in mind.

So, I did what most people do when they receive an unwanted job and put it off for as long as possible hoping that no one would notice. Unfortunately, after about three months I was left with two angry parents and an even angrier careers teacher. “I don’t know what I want to do when I’m older, so what’s the point in work experience?” I told everyone, so in the end I was left with no other option but to spend my free time and even more time in school researching future career options and possible companies to apply to.

However, I only applied to event management companies, which all kindly rejected me due to my age of only fifteen years old, but led to my confidence dropping and, in my eyes, my hope of getting work experience looked even slimmer than before. Until someone mentioned public relations to me, which was a sector closely linked to events management but dealt more with the promotion and media side.

As a result, I applied to Prova, and within a few days I received an email back containing the news that I had been accepted for the week. To say I was amazed was a complete understatement.

My first day came around quicker than expected and, before I knew it, I was stood outside waiting to press the bell unsure of what my week would be like.

Much to my delight I was welcomed into a friendly team and given interesting new jobs like creating tweets, building media lists and writing press releases for new products.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this week as it has made me realise that work experience is very valuable and has helped me gain many new skills alongside building on existing ones. Above all, it’s made me seriously consider my future career and PR stands as a very high candidate.

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