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'Popping' into a career in PR

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By Leah

There I was, working the ninth hour of an eleven hour shift and I thought to myself: “do I want to be a waitress for the rest of my life?”

The answer was no. No, no, please no!

Like many university students, I had managed to cruise my way through first year spending more time napping than in lectures and it was only just beginning to hit me how much needed to change by the time I went back to Liverpool for the second year.

My friends seemed to have such good ideas of what they wanted! A physiotherapist, a teacher, and I was just plodding along, my only real worry being whether I could afford a £3 bottle of wine from the corner shop.

So I started thinking about what I’d like to do. My real passion is writing; creativity and dynamism is what I would be looking for in a career. So I gathered every ounce of my confidence, took a deep breath and applied at local newspapers for some work experience. Weeks went by with no response, and so, whinging to my friends, one of them suggested PR.

“I think you’d be really good at it! There’s a company I know in Warwick who I’m sure you’d get on with.” And so I applied for a week at Prova PR.

The minute I stepped in the door, Zoe greeted me with a smile and introduced me to St John who began chatting with me, asking me what I thought about the use of language from Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn! From the outset I could tell that the Prova team was like me; similar interests and humour.

On the first day, I conducted research for a client to improve how they can utilise social media – this was a particularly interesting task. It certainly showed me how PR is the bridge between companies and the media and how crucial it is to be able to get this relationship right. It demonstrated to me the real purpose of PR and what I was to expect throughout the week.

I am very concerned with environmental affairs and the team did their best to assign me tasks with that in mind. I used the knowledge I already had and still learnt plenty during the course of the week. Having a genuine interest for the companies that I was researching, the days flew by and I had a brilliant time.

During the week I was involved in various research tasks; researching potential new businesses, finding events for existing businesses to attend and writing small passages to be included in some social media support for the clients. I was also able to observe the process of putting together a pitch document, a task that I found incredibly rewarding.

On Thursday I was invited to attend a “popcorn session” (alas, with no popcorn but wine gums were definitely a sufficient substitute). At this session, the team discussed the results of a client survey which proved to me how much the company cares about their clients and how much they do to meet their needs.

All in all, I have to a lot to thank my friend for, for suggesting Prova PR. My time here has been eye opening and has helped me decide that PR is something that I would love to go into. My only complaint is that I couldn’t stay for longer! I hope to see the whole team again soon and I wish them (and the clients!) all the best.

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