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The Prova team took to the water for the annual away day in May 2015

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The Prova team took to the water for the annual away day in May 2015

As a company we had a lot to celebrate in 2014/15 – the promotion of Charlotte Webster to junior account manager, our first intern, Emily Cosgrove, inducted into the Prova ranks and a long service award for St John White – a grand 10 years’ at Prova! Not to mention a strong trading year, as well as personal and professional achievements throughout the team.

Prova prides itself on many things but our people are paramount to our success and are what makes Prova unique. As such, we take the opportunity once a year to leave our beloved 7 Church Street behind and go on an adventure. The weather (sadly as in previous years) was not on our side, we can control a great many things but draw a line at the weather. Alas, made of stronger stuff, we boarded our floating meeting room for the day to sail along a rather murky Thames.

Where the Thames and the weather lacked glamor, my ship mates brought it with them in abundance. The company took time out to listen to a business update led by Richard Postins, MD and the operations management group made up of St John White, Rebecca Woods, Aimee Postle and me, Sarah Hawkins. The team all welcomed an opportunity to reflect on the hard work and results of the past 12 months and celebrate our successes. Part of the communications from the management team was the significant investment the business has made in IT infrastructure. A full refresh of the IT at Prova will assist us in driving efficiency and complement our all singing, all dancing campaigns.

After alighting our trusty vessel for the afternoon, our attention was directed to the decadent surroundings of the Landmark Hotel. The Landmark played venue to the Prova Star Awards 2015 – all members of the team were awarded a medal and certificate for their contributions and areas of excellence.

The awards were –
Richard Postins – Captain of our ship – 15 years’ service
St John White – Long service award – 10 years’ service
Aimee Postle – Organic client growth award 2015
Rebecca Woods – Industry knowledge guru – environmental
Sarah Hawkins – Master of ceremonies award
Zoe Birch – Boomerang award – return employee award 2015
Faye Callaghan – Client relationship building award 2015
Ed Willmott – Top media consultant award 2015
Natalia Gameson – Proactive PR practitioner award
Charlotte Webster – 1st promotion of 2015 award
Liz Fisher – Social media guru
Jake Smith – Marketing award 2015
Emily Cosgrove – Flare and creativity award 2015
Anna Ellis – Sarah’s office angel – tenacious ‘A’ our combat queen
Sophie Byrne – Sarah’s office angel – grace under pressure award 2015
Jemima Gale – Sarah’s office angel – baptism of fire award 2015
Jane Gentleman – Persistence pays off award 2015
Gary Bullock – ‘Leaps and bounds’ award for driving Prova forward

The team sipped on sumptuous cocktails and the most expensive yet delicious chips I have tasted, whilst the award presentations were awarded to each and every member of the team. The awards were concluded with the presentation of the long service award for St John White, joining Prova in May 2005 his contribution to the team over the years has been priceless – here’s to the next 10!

The celebrations for Prova do not begin and end there, this Autumn we turn 15 and will be marking this with various activities, communications and events. Watch this space!

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