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Will food waste policy play a part in the General Election?

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Will food waste policy play a part in the General Election?

By Ed Willmott

With the 2015 General Election just a few weeks away, the political sphere is alive with activity. In the past few weeks alone, George Osborne has once again delivered his annual Budget announcement; sparking national debate surrounding governmental priorities and financial support, while David Cameron’s decision to step down from his position in 2020 has shaken up the sector even further.

However, with the dissolution of parliament confirmed for Monday 30 March, manifestos expected to be unveiled over the coming weeks and publicity activity ramping-up accordingly, we’re sure to see a growing number of initiatives and announcements unveiled over the coming weeks as all compete for Number 10.

For those in the waste management sector specifically, a particular area of interest is the part that recycling – in particular food waste – will play in political manifestos and party commitments.

Landfill capacity is not a new concern. In fact, it has been widely publicised that if we continue to ineffectively dispose of our food waste (more than 14 million tonnes every year), and fail to implement effective management legislation, landfill sites in the UK will be filled well before the end of the upcoming political term.

Disappointingly, so far, initiatives to tackle this issue have been shunned by those in power. In fact, last month the Labour Party retracted its promise to consider imposing a ban as part of its election manifesto, while other parties have also shied away from alleviating this growing concern.

However, food waste recycling shouldn’t be a mere consideration, it must be a priority. As well as revolutionising resource efficiency, it can deliver significant economic returns and help to meet future energy demand – a key national priority. In fact, if we were to implement legislation prohibiting sending food waste to landfill today, by 2020 we could generate over 1.1tW of renewable energy, lower greenhouse gas emissions by 27 million tonnes, return over 1.3 million tonnes of nutrients to the soil and save the public sector over £3.7 billion. Commitment and support from those in power, however, is imperative to meeting these outcomes.

At Prova, we have significant experience in delivering comprehensive thought leadership campaigns for organisations specialising in the food waste management sector. Alongside raising awareness of initiatives and profiling business excellence, our team of environmental experts helps clients to engage directly with key political figures and leading trade bodies.

With the strong leadership the industry is calling for and continued uptake of food recycling solutions, there are significant growth prospects. Prova is exceptionally positioned to help companies be at the forefront of this commercial opportunity – be it buying new facilities or pioneering R&D, Prova can deliver the brand recognition required.

For more information about our services, as well as how we could help your business to capitalise on the outcome of this year’s General Election, please call 01926 776900 or email Jane Gentleman.

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