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Creating creativity

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Creating creativity

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

By Lydia

Creativity is embraced in the world of PR. Somebody who can think of a novel way of writing their hundredth appointment press release, who can be relied upon to dream up a successful tweet, or who can always suggest an attention-grabbing headline, is practically revered. But where is that creativity born? It surely can’t have been created in the boardroom; it must have begun in childhood.

In the modern classroom, standardised tests provide a framework for what should be taught and when, aiming to remove subjectivity from the classroom. However, this can breed a competitive culture, which desires only to pass the test, rather than embracing education. Many are of the belief that the abilities required for success in the real world differ substantially from what is needed to achieve success in the classroom.

Creative subjects such as Art and Drama are, in general, less well respected than those of a scientific or mathematic nature. This means that students are encouraged away from those subjects: “Don’t do art, because you’ll never be an artist.” However – as is common knowledge in the world of marketing and PR – the arts can be equally as important as the more ‘traditional’ subjects.

Conversely, literacy forms a basis for creativity. It allows children to understand how to express themselves and gives professionals in the boardroom the intellectual authority to suggest ‘out-there’ solutions without being laughed out of the room.

So, which is to triumph: the arts or the sciences? Looking at the above quote, attributed to Einstein, we have an answer. Both. Creative expression and knowledge must be equally embraced early and throughout later life, particularly in industries such as PR and marketing, in order to achieve a suitable balance.

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