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Fleets and social media – are we adding value or just making a noise?

Posted on by St John

Fleets and social media – are we adding value or just making a noise?

Like Marmite, social media platforms such as Twitter have their advocates and detractors in equal measure. You either love it or hate it! And looking across the leasing sector, it’s good to see that most of the bigger firms have embraced the 140 character discipline to promote their brands.

Certainly, a cursory review of the larger players such as LeasePlan, Alphabet and Zenith shows that the fleet sector understands the power of Twitter, harnessing its potential to push out blogs, comment, news stories and information from its press offices. There’s also a good attempt by some businesses to adopt the old BBC mantra of entertaining as well as educating their audiences, including relevant news and more recently video content to raise a smile among its corporate customers.

But what about the original idea of social media as a tool of one-to-one, two way engagement? Have we slipped back into bad old habits and used Twitter as just another channel through which to push our corporate agendas? Surely it’s time to exploit the true potential of our feathery friend to transform the relationship between service provider and end user. And by this, I mean using Twitter as a way of connecting leasing firm with driver.

Granted, this is a brave step that will take careful planning, investment and management from leasing companies. However, successful models for this type of engagement already exist in the retail / FMCG sector, where brands such as ASOS, B&Q and Next have showed that customer service can be radically improved by the savvy use of Twitter.

It’s a robust, established and cost-effective customer engagement tool that has a proven track record in retail. I wonder who will be the first leasing company to lead the pack and use it to support drivers? Watch this space!

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