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Torquing point with St John White, director at Prova PR

Posted on by Sarah

How long have you been at Prova and what do you do?

I have been at Prova for ten years now. Why am I still here? It’s the heady mix of the people, the challenging clients and the ‘big family’ culture that is so attractive.

Why did you get into PR and marketing?

I started out at college in London doing a hotel management course. My plan was to take over the family business and become the next Rocco Forte. I soon realised that the catering trade wasn’t really for me. I started hanging out with the folks doing a marketing course next door and managed to swap onto that. My first job was as a trainee copywriter at McCann-Erickson. The rest, as they say, is history.

What’s been the best job in your career – and why?

It sounds glib, but I love what I’m doing right now. Looking back, however, it was a lot of fun doing PR in the eighties for accountants involved with major insolvency cases, Maxwell and Polly Peck!

What’s been the worst job in your career – and why?

Before I went to college, I once had a job on a building site in West London, where I was the lowest lifeform on the planet. The site manager used to get me to do all of the worst jobs – moving piles of muck from one corner to another. With a name like St John, I didn’t really fit in. I didn’t really help my cause by bringing the FT in to read, just to cause a stir in the portakabin!

If you could own any car, what would it be?

I’m afraid, it would be a motorbike, rather than a car. Can I have three bikes as they cost the same as a supercar? If so, it would be a Triumph Scrambler, Triumph Thunderbird and also a MotoGuzzi, just for the fun of it!

What’s your top recycling tip?

Put the bin out on Wednesday night or it won’t get collected!

What’s going to make the biggest impact to you or your clients in the next 10 years?

The shift away from fossil fuels.

Desert Island discs – choose two pieces of music you would take with you?

The Beatles – Side 2 of Abbey Road
Chopin – Etude in e flat

If your house was on fire what three things would you save and why?

My cats, my fretless Aria bass and my motorbike. Why? Because I couldn’t bear to lose the cats; my guitar was a gift from my dad and my bike is the most attractive object I own!

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