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Not quite 'Sex in the City' but I loved it nonetheless

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By Alana Chen

My first introduction to Public Relations as a profession was from watching Samantha in Sex and the City. Of course, I understood even then that the real-life equivalent was probably not half as glamorous – more hours slaving at the computer and less hours drinking Cosmopolitans – but the job was still ever so appealing. It was always the dream job in the back of my mind – busy, challenging and varied.

I loved writing but, being Asian, maths was always regarded as my forte so I worked towards the investment banking route. I told myself that I could kill myself in a bank for eight years, make my millions and then retire and do what I want.

Or… as I realised during my first year in University, I could not kill myself with 80 hour weeks and do what I want now.

I originally went to New York University with the intention of studying Mathematics and Philosophy. Within four months, I had successfully auditioned and transferred into the music school (I play the violin —- Asian, remember?), and within another four months, traded my Mathematics major for Computer Science. I was doing the classes I loved so I thought – why not give a job that I would love a shot as well?

I was extremely lucky to find Prova PR. They were willing to overlook the fact that I wasn’t a PR, Marketing, English, Journalism, or Communications major and actually listen to why I was interested in PR. They gave me the opportunity to express what I wanted to learn in my time here and catered my experience.

I said that I wanted a taste of everything I would be doing if I worked in PR. Prova listened. They integrated me into the PR world from day one. No need to ease me in gently… I researched collaboration opportunities, composed a media list for coverage of a defined area, had a go at writing a press release, shadowed the team to contact media outlets to promote an event a client was hosting… 5.30pm rolled around and I didn’t want to leave. Why would I when I was working my dream job?

The rest of my time at Prova only affirmed what I discovered on my first day – the job is demanding, meeting deadlines can be stressful, but doing it is so incredibly rewarding. Thank you Prova, for showing me what I want to do with my life.

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