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Roadmap to zero food waste

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Roadmap to zero food waste

The 11th November 2013 saw the launch of ReFood’s UK roadmap to zero food waste to landfill, the culmination of more than two years’ work into how the UK can overcome the existing challenges to eradicate food waste from landfill.

The project started out as a manifesto from the ReFood team, which set out its thoughts on what needed to be done across 10 key areas to stop all food waste going to landfill. This was followed by bringing together key industry leaders into a visionary panel chaired by Lord Deben which discussed, researched and developed the practical roadmap.

The report’s principal recommendations to achieve the 2020 goal are:
• A clear timetable for the phased introduction of a ban on food waste to landfill to come into full force by 2020, allowing industry the time to finance and develop an optimum collection and processing infrastructure.
• Compulsory separate collections of food waste from homes and businesses, with an outcome that optimises its value to provide energy, nutrients for agriculture and, preferably, heat.
• Greater collaboration at every stage of the supply chain and between key stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of best practice, improve waste prevention and maximise the value of food waste as a resource.
• The integration of food waste education into school, college and professional training programmes as well as increased support for WRAP’s ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ initiative.

The report highlights where and why food waste is currently occurring at each stage of the UK supply chain; what actions are being taken to tackle food waste in each sector and what more can be done in the future to drive the positive environmental, economic and social outcomes, for the greater good.

The report was officially unveiled at a dedicated press conference held at The Savoy Hotel, an early adopter of food waste recycling and a strong supporter of the Vision.

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