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Out of this world... PR, but not as we know it!

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By Andy

PR has been a word that I had heard in the past, thrown around throughout my university degree, and before. But the explanation and process of what a person who works in PR actually does has been something that has eluded me for some time.

To me PR, before coming to Prova, was something that I thought was interesting without any evidence to support this assertion. Now that I have that evidence, I can see that my previous unjustified suspicions were in actuality completely correct.

Having worked in other places like sales, marketing and advertising, with paid and unpaid work, Prova comparatively makes someone feel exceptionally welcome and useful. I’ve been in a situation in the past where I have walked into an office for a trial workday and was only spoken to by the supervisor for a grand total of two minutes. I was shown my desk and then not spoken to again. The whole day. By anyone. Was it the shirt that I was wearing? Had I strolled unwittingly into an office full of mutes? My attempts at smiling at people were met with looks as if I had set their parents house on fire. It was great.

Anyway, as I was saying, Prova provides a warm, jovial and welcoming atmosphere and the people who work here welcome you as if you had been part of the team from the outset. There is no awkward first day feeling, you are inducted then crack on and get stuck in.

The work assigned to me was an extremely useful insight into what working in PR means and the varied processes behind it. With the opportunity and freedom to talk to the people who work there, it truly is a fantastic experience for an intern to be working in. I have found many aspects of the PR industry that I enjoy hugely and believe I have a good foothold on the work ethic and pace of the environment.

For it to be something completely alien to me at the start of the experience and by the end of two weeks feeling like it is something that I would seriously consider as a career option means that Prova is definitely doing something right in its treatment of interns and through the good work done by the team.

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