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By Todd

Former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson once famously declared that, during a back-room lobby meeting in late 1964, ‘a week is a long time in Politics…’. For me, this has undoubtedly been proved true for PR too – after my time with Warwick-based firm Prova. It is truly remarkable what you can learn in such a short space of time! Though, like the previous intern, I only spent a single and solitary week within the carpeted offices of 7 Church Street; I can honestly say that I had a ball!

A recent convert to the world of Public Relations and Communications; I found my first, tentative steps into the manic realm of reputation management, under the guidance of business development director Jane Gentleman and account leads Faye Callaghan and Aimee Postle, to be both captivating, enlightening and, above all, thoroughly good fun!

From researching prospective client companies, to understanding copywriting and taking a full and active part in an ‘in-house’ brainstorming session for a soon-to-be-market-leading portable power provider: I was kept busy from 9am Monday morning to 5.30pm Friday evening! And not a dull moment was to be found throughout (I mean, come on, how can there ever be a dull moment with David’s ‘chat’ involved).

Perhaps more significant than this for any prospective intern candidate, however, was the fact that I was concurrently made to feel welcome and ‘part of the team’. Unlike several of the previous Summer Placements or Vac. Schemes that I have participated in, you are valued, and you are never – NEVER – made to feel surplus to requirements or, more importantly, ‘a pain’ for them.

I adored my time with Prova, and would recommend them to anyone. An internship with them can provide whatever you want it to be, whether, like me, you were intrigued (largely due to the exploits of Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It) by what the career has to offer and wanted to get a taste for it, or whether you simply want to gain further experience prior to entering the industry full-time!

Having toyed with law, high finance, publishing and the prospect of remaining in academia itself, my week with Prova PR has certainly given me plenty of food for thought, and ensured that I have yet another career option to add to my seemingly ever-increasing list!

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