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Delivering customer satisfaction every time

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Delivering customer satisfaction every time

Earlier this summer, Prova conducted its 10th annual drop point survey for Europe’s second largest pallet pool operator LPR.

The survey has been developed to evaluate LPR’s performance and ensure a consistently high level of service. The research also provides LPR with a tangible comparison of its products and services in relation to its competitors.

In managing the annual survey, Prova conducts interviews with at least 50 of LPR’s regional drop points. The questions are based on customer service, product quality and performance. The brand has celebrated 10 consistent years of out-performing the competition – no small feat in the incredibly competitive pallet pooling market.

Over the past decade, LPR has been able to use the results of Prova’s research to help support its operations department, as well as its business development efforts.

LPR UK’s managing director, Jane Gorick, comments: “LPR has grown significantly in the UK market. Prova and our PR programme have played an important role in delivering this growth.”

She continues: “Understanding how drop points view our service is vitally important. We want to know that the service we aim to deliver is what is received by all. The drop point is ultimately our customers’ customer and, therefore, it is vital that pallet quality and collection service are approached professionally.”

To find out more about commissioning research, please contact Prova on 01926 776 900.

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