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What do you want to be when you grow up?

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By Tom

First it was a policeman, then the army, then a vet; now all these potential jobs have been crossed off my list for various reasons and I am left with very little idea what direction I would like my career to take. Increasingly students, such as myself, are bombarded with pressure to get an internship or work experience in order to stand a chance of getting a job when we finish our education. However this is easier said than done, especially if you have no specific career you are driving towards.

I found myself being swept along in the mad rush to apply for internships that I did not really want, spending hours going over online application forms before submitting them along with thousands of other applicants. It was therefore a relief when I stumbled across Prova due to chance more than anything else. Without even having set foot in the building, I could feel that working at Prova would be something different to the stereotypical office placement. Just reading through their website you can sense a different vibe that immediately attracted to me to Prova and made me want to come and try it out despite never having even thought about PR before. Rock music, summer sizzlers and cake, lots of cake, are just a few examples of what sets the Prova team apart for me.

Arriving on Monday, I was shown my desk and then rushed straight into a Monday morning meeting with everyone, a lot of names and numbers later I came out feeling slightly confused but already getting to grips with how Prova runs things. Its clear as soon as you walk in that this is a tight knit team, who are all very welcoming and kind and it takes no time at all before you feel settled in and ready to start. ‘Have you ever written a press release?’ Aimee asked me on my first day, ‘Err no’ was my nervous reply, ‘Good, you can try your skills on this one then!’ Here at Prova you will be asked to do things you’ve never done before and often have no idea how to do, but you can be confident anyone in the Prova team will be happy to step in and help if you need it. You may be thrown in at the deep end without arm bands but, you learn to swim a lot faster that way and are given tasks of real value as a result.

I’ve loved my time here and learnt more than I thought possible in a week, it may be time to add another potential career to my list and hopefully I will not be crossing it off any time soon.

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