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Cleantech investment broadens its horizons

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Cleantech investment broadens its horizons

Resource efficiency is the latest buzzword in the cleantech arena and that extends to investment. Venture capitalists Turquoise International and the Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF) are now looking past traditional forms of renewable energy investment, notably wind and solar, to other technologies that are now reaching maturity and present attractive returns.

In the view of our client, Turquoise, the areas that look to experience the most significant levels of growth are renewable energy outside of solar and wind and resource efficient technologies for water, energy and materials.

Development in resource efficient technologies is being driven by the escalating costs of fossil fuels and increasing regulation around water use. Such technologies are particularly in demand from large energy users in the manufacturing industry, where reducing the amount of energy being purchased and making what is required work as hard as possible is paramount.

Despite significant increases in renewable energy generation, we can’t escape the fact that we are still reliant on fossil fuels to deliver the bulk of our energy requirements and this is why resource efficient technologies are a growing area of focus for investment, as they offer significant commercial return.

The risk / reward considerations that are crucial to investors are now starting to favour increased investment in non solar or wind renewable energies. Meanwhile, resource efficient developments offer important economical benefit and therefore technological innovation will realise significant and enduring investment.

Of course, whatever the technology or resource efficient process, one of the most significant steps is being able to communicate the benefits of the approach to potential investors and, in the longer-term, customers. This is where PR and the wider communications mix can help to deliver tangible return on investment, generating leads and investment opportunities for the future.

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